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Physical Therapy - Any Way You Want It

Any Way You Want It

Make Progress with Physical Therapy In Whatever Circumstance/Situation We Find Ourselves  

Stay Active to Be Healthy

We have all been struggling with isolation, finances, and uncertainty as we shift our way of living. But one thing remains constant: our ability to remain healthy is strongly linked to our ability to be and stay active.  

At Active Life & Sports Physical Therapy, your health and well-being is our top priority.

We want you to live your most active life.  And will continue to be here for you through this transition and the seasons that follow. Whether you come into our clinic, or we treat you through telehealth options we want you to make the progress you need to live your healthiest and most active life.

We have invested a great deal of time and thought into how we can ensure your safety while continuing to resolve pain, resolve dizziness, and restore abilities.  

Outpatient Care

While we are excited to reopen and treat patients in our clinic once again, we’re still keenly aware of everyone’s need to stay healthy and safe. One of the most pressing concerns as we return and face a new routine is maintaining appropriate social distancing to keep the spread of any virus as minimal as possible.

So we’ve taken these specific measures to ensure everyone’s ongoing health and safety. 

  • We have spread our schedules out to minimize the number of people in the clinic at any given time.
  • Designated areas for separating therapists’ patients to create maximum distancing while you are in our clinic. 

Not all clinics are taking such measures, but we believe it’s important to both continue flattening the curve, as well as maintaining your optimal health and safety. 

For outpatient visits, some additional steps we are taking for your health and safety are:

  • Staff and patients are screened for symptoms and their temperature is taken before being admitted into the clinic.
  • We have ample personal protective equipment available including masks and gloves
  • Our staff constantly wash their hands throughout the day and hand sanitizer is readily available throughout the clinic.
  • We are continuing to sanitize equipment in the clinic after every use.

Telehealth Options

If your health places you in a high-risk category or vulnerable population group, video visits (or telehealth) are a great way to help you meet your physical therapy needs in the environment most safe for you. 

Regardless of your age or aptitude for technology we have simple and effective ways to treat and help you without ever leaving your home. 

Contact us so we can get you set up and help continue making progress with your physical therapy needs.

In-Home Options

If you fall into a high-risk category or are unable to leave your home but feel that face to face treatment is necessary, we have in-home sessions. Whether you’re in an at-risk group or you just don’t feel like coming in, our therapists can come to you.

Of course, geographical restrictions apply. But give us a call or email us and we’ll do the best we can to accommodate your needs and preferences.   

Physical Therapy Any Way You Need It

Whether you are suffering from an acute injury or surgical condition; chronic back or neck pain. Whether you have dizziness or feel unsteady on your feet, we are here to help improve your movement, increase your activity, and improve your health!

We will get through this. We’re here to help you get through healthier than ever so you can live your most active life yet. 

If you’re not sure what would work best for you just contact us and one of our physical therapists can discuss the best option for you.

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