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In 2012, Active Life and Sports Physical Therapy was selected to provide onsite outpatient physical therapy services at GBMC hospital. With that contract, we became part of  the multidisciplinary team known as the GBMC Center for Rehabilitative Medicine. The Center operates in a model that includes physicians, physician assistants, nurses, physical and occupational therapists, physical and occupational therapist assistants as well as therapy technicians and administrative care specialists. Medical Director Alan Kimmel, MD and Clinical Director Virginia Moratz, OTR, CHT, CLT, oversee the coordination of care across all disciplines.


The Center for Rehabilitative Medicine is a 5,600 square foot facility that incorporates Lymphedema Treatment, Occupational Therapy, Hand Therapy, Oncology Rehabilitation, Pelvic Health Physical Therapy, Orthopedic Physical Therapy, Vestibular Rehabilitation, Pre/Post Operative Spine Care, Balance/Fall Prevention, Work Injury Management and Neurological Rehabilitation services.


Our GBMC facility has both semi-private and private treatment rooms to help maintain confidentiality and privacy during your care.


As a leader in vestibular rehabilitation, we utilize the best technology available to provide a quick and accurate diagnosis. By using Video-Nystagmography (VNG) we are able to perform our vestibular tests with the aid of a google mounted camera. This allows for us to see intricate movements of your eyes and improves diagnostic accuracy. This facility is also equipped to perform Vestibular Evoked Myogenic Potential (VEMP) testing. During this test, muscles in the neck are stimulated with electrodes to assess the function of the vestibular organs and nerves. 


Along with vestibular care, many of our patients suffer from balance deficits. Our NeuroCom Balance System allows us to objectively measure balance by looking at postural sway in a variety of test positions. This technology also helps us standardize and document progress with our balance program participants.


Our Woodway Treadmill offers parallel bars that allow us to work with mild to severe gait dysfunctions. Parallel bar assistance is ideal for management of neurological disorders including post CVA or Stroke and Parkinson’s Disease among other disorders.


We look forward to continuing to serve Towson MD, and the surrounding Baltimore communities. Our services are convenient if you live in or around, Towson MD, Parkville MD, Rodgers Forge MD, Roland Park MD, Mt. Washington MD, Overlea MD, or Hampton MD. Contact us to schedule your Evaluation today.

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