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  • Post-operative care for individuals undergoing orthopedic procedures
  • Tubing and Band resistance
  • Free weight and Stacked weight machines
  • Comprehensive spine related pain management and rehabilitation
  • Core Stabilization and Therapeutic Ball
  • Care for Strains, Sprains and other general bone, joint and soft tissue conditions
  • Osteoporosis
Specialized programs for sports injuries and return to sports goals

Custom Foot Orthotics

Services for Seniors
  • Fall Risk Assessment
  • Comprehensive neurological and musculoskeletal evaluation
  • Functionally based rehabilitation programs
  • ADL, Gait, and Assistive device instruction
Work Services
  • Independent Rehabilitation Evaluation
  • Functional Capacity Evaluation
  • Work Conditioning
  • Onsite Job Analysis
Neurological and Vestibular Rehabilitation
  • Neurological and Vestibular Examination
  • NeuroCom Computerized Testing and Treatment
  • Treatment programs for:
    - Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV)
    - Vestibular Hypo function
    - CVA
    - Cerebellar disorders
    - Other causes of dysequilibrium and functional loss
Women's Health Services
  • Treatment of patients pre & post-natal for a variety of conditions including, but not limited to:
    - Si Joint Dysfunction
    - Low Back Pain
    - Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
    - Sciatica
    - Plantar Fasciitis
    - Diastasis Recti
    - Osteoporosis Management
Active Life in Perry Hall now offers therapeutic deep tissue laser treatment. Deep tissue laser has been shown to aid the healing process, reduce pain, and promote better outcomes. This treatment is FDA cleared and provides patients a non-invasive, non-pharmacological alternative for pain relief! To learn more about how deep tissue laser therapy works, watch this quick video
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