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Who we are

Active Life is a physical therapist owned practice. We earn our referrals every day by providing high-quality care and exceptional physical therapy service.

We are owned and actively managed by Michael Wah, DPT, OCS and Joseph Palmer, DPT, OMPT, CSCS.  We have been committed to helping and serving this community for over 15 years.


What we do

At Active Life, we help people like you, regain their life abilities. We begin by establishing a healing environment where you can feel welcome.  We learn what your problem is and how it is affecting your life. We do a thorough exam and identify your key restrictions, movement deficits and/or underlying causal factors of your pain or dizziness. We address your problems with a combination of hands-on techniques, movement-based therapy and education.


What sets us apart?

  • Active Life is not part of the big chain. We grew up in and continue to be a part of the local community. Our focus is you, not shareholders.
  • There are often many ways to get from point A to point B. We involve you in those decisions. You get our expertise but in the end, you determine your path.
  • The aging process sometimes means giving up things you enjoy doing. We don't believe in giving things up without a fight.
  • From our credentials, you can see that our therapists are knowledgeable and skilled. However, the deeper message is that they are lifelong learners. They're curious to dig in to your problems and motivated to find answers.
  • At Active Life, it's all about you. Your passions in life, your body type, your personality are all unique. We believe that you're therapy needs to be a unique match to your needs.
  • We haven't and won't give up the tried and true therapy interventions that have worked through the years. We also won't stop trying to find the best of the newly emerging solutions for you.

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